Working with 2NetSolutions is different than with most other companies, consultants or vendors. We want to be involved at the very beginning.

We will work with your company to determine exactly what your short-term and long-term business goals are. We will assist you in establishing the key objectives necessary to achieve these goals. Next, we define and analyze the business processes and flows necessary to implement the project(s). Once the process flows are established, we will define a turnkey plan, complete with schedule, which incorporates all the goals, objectives, key steps and processes. From the plan comes the architecture for the technology. Without a truly defined architecture, there can be no technological continuity. After we complete this intense planning process, we begin the design, procurement, implementation, etc. The final step we take is Project Assurance. This compares the completed tools to the goals and objectives to ensure that the intent of the project is being accomplished.

Our goal is to provide you the best available, cost-effective services necessary to assist you in achieving your goals and objectives.

Since our approach to the business of technology solutions is unique, it is important to understand the basic steps we go through to reach the finished product.

The following are the major steps in the 2NetSolutions process:

1. Initial Interviews to establish direction
2. In-depth interviews with key individuals
3. Process definition and analysis
4. Definition of Application(s)
5. Determination of improvements required
6. Outline potential solutions
7. Test feasibility of solutions
8. Determine best solution(s)
9. Prepare and present formal Recommendation
10. Begin procurement and implementation processes
11. Provide training and knowledge transfer
12. Ensure solution integrity
13. Provide on-going support

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